TIRU values

Checking the interior of the furnace of the Issy-les-Moulineaux waste-to-energy unit. Dias Jean-Lionel ©Dias Jean-Lionel
Intervention of a technician on a boiler feed control valve in Issy-les-Moulineaux's waste-to-energy recovery unit. ©Dias Jean-Lionel
Control room technician at the Centre de Valorisation Énergétique des déchets (waste to energy centre) of Dunkirk ©Dias Jean-Lionel
Under the conveyer belts of Hénin Beaumont's energy and material recovery sorting unit ©Vautrin Laurent
Laboratory for the treatment and analysis of organic waste from Hénin Beaumont's energy and material recycling sorting unit ©Vautrin Laurent
Compost from the Bourg en Bresse biomass energy recovery unit ©Pernet Alban
Gantry operator at his command post on the cleanliness site of Saint Bartélemy Island, French Antilles, ©Salomon Henri
Waste recovery centre, Saint Bartélemy, French West Indies, site operations technicians. © Salomon Henri
Bourg en Bresse, bio-energy waste recovery unit, material recovery, green waste, compost storage.  © Salomon Henri
TIRU's identity is characterized by respect for the individual and respect for the collective interest.

We respect and implement our commitments on a daily basis with our customers, employees, shareholders and all our partners in the name of our values.

These values form the basis of our corporate culture, that is, our personality, our difference. They guide our daily actions, decisions and strategic choices. They are the benchmarks that determine how we think, act and operate in our activities. They are what makes us strong.