Our expertise: waste recovery

TIRU Hénin Beaumont, technician in intervention on biomethane production equipment. © Vautrin Laurent
TIRU Chagny, Ecocea, Energy recovery unit, biomethane production, biogas treatment plant. ©Moore Michael
Methane production and composting sorting centre in Chagny. The laboratory, where incoming and outgoing materials are identified as well as the progress of the three fermentation stages (tubes, digesters, compost) ©Guerrin Olivier
TIRU Dunkirk: the organic recycling centre: organic waste compost, material recycling, green waste. ©Dias Jean-Lionel
Villefranche-sur-Saône's wood-fired boiler plant completes the heat produced by the combustion of waste with that of wood in order to offer a total supply of the city's heat network's energy needs. © Guerrin Olivier
The Great Lakes Ecoserre, whose 10 hectares are dedicated to the production of tomato plants, is heated from water vapour emitted by the Pontenx les Forges waste recovery unit. ©Vicente Gunther
The Pontenx-les-Forges plant is one of the 8 TIRU installations to be equipped with an oscillating furnace, a technology patented by TIRU, and installed in a dozen other waste combustion units. TIRU is the only French manufacturer of the oscillating furnace. © Grzeskowiak JL
TIRU Hénin Beaumont, solar panels on the roof of the factory ©Vautrin Laurent
The Saint-Barthélemy energy recovery unit supplies steam to the island's seawater desalination plant and contributes to the production of drinking water. ©Salomon Henri
TIRU has been operating Pontivy's energy recovery unit for nearly 30 years and participates in the production of dairy products by supplying steam to nearby industries. ©Sittommi
TIRU Calce, sorting centre and waste recovery unit. Conveyors of waste from selective collection for manual sorting. ©Murat Guillaume
TIRU, Isséane site, waste-to-energy unit. Bottom ash pit. ©Dias Jean-Lionel
TIRU Hénin Beaumont, sorting hall for the material coming out of tubes to extract undesirable elements (scrap metal, plastics, glass...) from the fermentable part. © Vautrin Laurent
Specialized in waste treatment since 1922, TIRU has a range of innovative solutions based on its three main areas of expertise: the design, construction and operation of waste recovery units.